Here’s what people are saying about our past CLT Bike Camps!

"I want to thank you for the experience you provided and skills you taught Liam over the summer at Bike Camp. It is my sincere hope that this will continue for years to come!
What did we love most about Bike Camp...let us count the ways....

1-The Biking Community. We are thrilled that our 9 yo son had the opportunity to experience adults on a whole other level. Bikers leading by example. Showing our children how to surround yourself with "good people." That adults aren't always parents...sometimes they are just kids all grown up.

2-The Learning by Doing aspect. You can tell a kid (or anyone, for that matter) all day what to do and what NOT to do but unless you apply the knowledge-- all that profound thought is left unused, unappreciated and usually forgotten

3-The Mad Skills! Because ya'll taught our child how to safely function out on the streets with his bike he has experienced a new level of freedom that would've never been experienced otherwise (he has even quoted traffic rules while in the car with us). The remainder of the summer, Liam rode his bike across our neighborhood to friends' houses, to Park Lanes Bowling and wherever else they conjured up---We were able to say YES all summer! Dreamy. This school year, Liam has ridden every single day to school no matter what the weather--because it means autonomy. He now wakes on his own, keeps himself on track and leaves at a precise time that he has made up to get to school exactly when he wants....and he is in charge of how that happens.

We have noticed such a difference in Liam since camp. Because you gave him the gift of freedom that bike riding provides.

Let us know how we can support this cause---there are so many children that could benefit from the Bike Camp that you have created.

All the Best & many thanks."

The Platt Family

"Bike camp was an amazing experience for my daughter. She loved exploring parts of the city and learning about her bike. For me, the co-ed environment of empowerment was invaluable for her. You could see the confidence that learning to navigate the city, being able to get herself someplace through her own power and caring for her own equipment brought her. My favorite was a glorious sound of her infectious laugh, as she played with camp mates, while waiting to be picked up. She was truly happy. She will be back!"

Cynthia Wood

"My 7 and 10 year old sons both loved their week at Bike Camp! The learned valuable lessons about bike safety, maintenance and skills. They came home more confident and enthusiastic about riding their bikes everywhere. What an amazing opportunity to get to explore our beautiful city on two wheels. The staff and volunteers were incredibly knowledgeable and passionate and took great care of them. They can’t wait to go back again next summer!”

Sarah Coble

He is more aware of the cars are on the same road with him.

Bike trips for breakfast/lunch/dinner no longer are limited to NoDa proper. We're now venturing to Plaza Midwood and Elizabeth as a result of the confidence he how has in himself to cover these distances.

He loved it and has now signed up for a Kid's Triathalon!

Coble Family

Better awareness during riding the streets and at intersections

My son feels like he is in the "know" on how to be safe and ride places compared to the rest of our family. This is a new and exciting skill for him. I think it is great for kids to feel like they know more than their parents. And in this case, he really does! I think that he really pushed his boundaries of what he can physically do (he has a huge amount of energy and he came home truly tired, it was remarkable for my husband and I to see!) and he conquered some fears in that he only knew two people at the camp so he had to adapt to a new group of kids and adults. So good for him!

Dailey Family